This Rare Midcentury Modern ‘Lustron’ Steel Home Is for Sale in Fort Wright


Columbus-based Lustron Corporation was a housing manufacturer that produced prefabricated homes made of enameled steel after WWII veterans returned to America and were looking affordable housing.

Designed by industrialist Carl Sandlund, the homes were marketed as being both economical and low-maintenance, and featured built-ins throughout — akin to higher-end homes available at that time. Sandlund received a $15.5 million dollar loan from the government's Reconstruction Finance Corporation in 1947 to begin mass-producing the houses.

Roughly 2,500 Lustron homes were built between 1948 and 1950, before the company foreclosed and liquidated its assets in 1951 after controversy over pricing, availability of materials and the government's funding of the project.

One of these rare and historical homes is currently for sale in the Northern Kentucky neighborhood of Fort Wright, located at 1607 E. Henry Clay Ave. 

The 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom home is made entirely out of porcelain enameled steel, and merges trendy updates with original features. The house is priced at $185,000 and was built in 1950.

The home also features a detached garage and fenced-in yard.

For more information about the property, reach out to listing agent Ginger Poore.

| Photos by Steve Hurley