This Epic Red River Gorge Treehouse Requires a 120-Stair Climb Through the Forest 


Most of us haven’t been in a treehouse since childhood, but treehouses are trendier than ever for adults now. Those looking for an escape have the option of booking an AirBnB in the trees, and there is one just two hours away in Stanton, Kentucky.

The “Observatory Tree House” can hold four guests, with two bedrooms, two beds and a half bath. Once above the trees, you are able to get some of the best views of Red River Gorge. A 120-step staircase leads up to the treehouse, which includes a mudroom with two hammocks, a futon and plenty of storage. The kitchen has a gas stove, French-press coffee maker and a small island perfect for preparing a homemade meal. 

The bedroom is separate, with glass walls and a skylight, and up another flight of stairs. There is an outhouse onsite, but you also have 24 hour access to indoor plumbing and a full bath at the Red River Gorge Headquarters.

Five trees hold "The Observatory" together, and the instruction manual in the mud room will tell you all about them. The Observatory isn’t for the faint of heart, with the steps and height, so come ready for adventure and much-earned relaxation.The tree house starts at $302 per night with a minimum stay of two nights. You can book through AirBnB.