These Before and After Photos Show How Much Cincinnati Has Transformed Over the Decade


Its no question that Cincinnatis landscape has seen its fair share of changes in recent years, but its easy to forget just how drastically different our city looked a mere decade ago.

During non-pandemic times, Over-the-Rhine buzzes with lunch groups waiting for their tables at Bakersfield and plenty of people exploring the myriad boutiques. Kids and dogs hang out at Washington Park’s manicured playground and dog park, respectively — the fruits of the park’s $48 million makeover in 2012. Saturday night is for sipping craft cocktails at Longfellow or heading to MOTR Pub for cheap beer and free live music. All in all, it’s a different place from the one that was formerly named the most dangerous neighborhood in America. 

Over-the-Rhine isnt the only neighborhood thats been transformed. The impact of just over a decade of development (and, if were being frank, gentrification and its associated issues) can be seen in other parts of the city, too. Brand new spots like 3 Points Urban Brewery and Boomtown Biscuits & Whiskey have sprung up in nearby Pendleton, as well as a newly renovated Ziegler Park. The Banks has been reinvented into its own destination, completed by the swings and interactive sculptures of Smale Riverfront Park and a glowing Ferris wheel (which will return to the area soon. Findlay Market seems to expand with new additions and vendors on a practically daily basis.

Further uptown, Clifton has had its own revival. University of Cincinnatis Calhoun Street border is now home to a shiny, tiny Target and the kind of student living apartment developments that come with matching furniture and parking garages. Northside has seen significant change, too, where boarded-up buildings have been refurbished to make room for restaurants and bars like The Littlefield.

From Freedom Way to Spring Grove Avenue, Cincinnati sure doesnt look the same as it once did. It didnt happen overnight, but when you look at these Google Street View photos from 2007 and 2018 side by side, its amazing to see just how much the city has changed in just over a decade.

| Photos by ©2018 Google Maps