The Neatest Collectibles and Novelties We Could Find at Tim’s Picks on Main in OTR


Tim’s Picks is a vintage/antique store that specializes in local ephemera dating back to the turn of the 20th century, all gathered by Tim Fuller, the shop's owner and operator.

He and his wife, Connie, purchased the space at 1336 Main St., formerly occupied by Shadeau Breads, last October. After some major renovations, including a new floor, walls, HVAC system and the opening of a skylight that was previously covered up, the shop was ready to open by May 2019.

The collection in the shop is eclectic and spans decades of pop culture, sports, music, kitchenware, fashion and beyond. If you’re a Rolling Stones fan, you can get satisfaction here; vintage concert T-shirts, posters, magazine interviews and vinyl records make up a sort of Stones shrine in the middle of the shop.

Tim's Picks on Main, 1336 Main St., Over-the-Rhine.

| Photos by Mitchell Parton