Sneak Peek Inside Cincinnati’s Immersive Pan Am Layover Lounge Pop-Up Bar


The sold-out Pan Am Layover Lounge pop-up is taking over a portion of downtown's Tokyo Kitty from Oct. 8-13, inviting guests to an immersive and nostalgic Pan Am experience while waiting for a "flight" to a variety of the airline's most popular destinations, including Tokyo, Hawaii, Mexico City, London and even the moon (yes, Pan Am pre-sold flights to the moon). All will evoke the now-defunct airline's golden-age-of-flight service and iconic branding.

The intimate event hosts four guests in one of Tokyo Kitty's transformed private karaoke rooms for a 45-minute experience. The suite has been redecorated to emulate the height of Midcentury luxury, with authentic Pan Am memorabilia, a replica boarding pass/ticket and reimagined retro travel posters. Guests are treated to a personal cocktail tasting, which includes two drinks inspired by the ticket-holder's chosen destination along with tasting notes and fun quirks like faux cigarettes and a safety demo from a Pan Am flight attendant.

For those who would like to skip the trip but still want some cool Pan Am swag — or who didn't book their ticket in time — the terminal gift shop will be open during the duration of the pop-up with items like limited-edition prints, baggage and other merch.

These photos represent the Terminal Gift Shop, which will be accessible to Tokyo Kitty patrons throughout the duration of the pop-up. Check back in for photos of the full experience.

| Photos by Hailey Bollinger