See Traditional Japanese and Avant Designer Kimonos at this Cincinnati Art Museum Fashion Exhibit


The kimono was a quotidian outfit in Japan for centuries until their ports opened for international trade in the mid-1800s and its simple aesthetics and unique silhouette almost instantly began making an impression on artists and designers all over the world.

Kimono: Refashioning Contemporary Style, an exhibition showcasing the relevance and influence of this silken garment, will be on display at the Cincinnati Art Museum from June 28 through September 15, 2019.

Cincinnati is the final American stop for this show after previous presentations in Newark and San Francisco.

Four distinct sections together explore how Japanese aesthetics and design have inspired the global artistic community generally, and more specifically exhibit an impressive compilation of ravishingly elegant kimonos spanning more than 100 years. The vast collection on display features more than 50 ornate ensembles dating from the late 19th century to as recently as 2016 by Japanese, European and American fashion designers.

Featured couture artists include: the namesakes of the luxury labels Coco Chanel and Christian Louboutin; the founder of Comme des Garcons, Rei Kawakubo; influential contemporary Japanese designers such as Junya Watanabe and Yohji Yamamoto; Tom Ford; and more.

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