See Some of Cincinnati Street Artist Technique2012’s Most Irreverent and Unexpected Pieces


Mononymous and anonymous Cincinnati street artist Technique2012 specializes in blending humor, pop culture and social commentary in their singular creations.

Pasted throughout the city, spotting one of Technique2012's pieces offers a moment of irreverent joy, as the best street art does — an unexpected, welcome and often thought-provoking interruption in the day-to-day.

A graphic design graduate of the Art Academy of Cincinnati, Technique2012 tells CityBeat via email they "became frustrated with finding work in my particular field so (I) decided to start just doing my own thing and putting on my own self-funded art shows — Thunder-Sky, Inc.'s See Ghosts Clearly, Organized Chaos at The Comet — and branding myself to be an independent artist without much help from outside sources to get my art out into the world by way of the streets."

Inspired by street artist ROA, whose BLINK 2017 mural Technique2012 helped with, as well as Cincinnati's iconic 2004 Beautiful Losers: Contemporary Art and Street Culture exhibit at the CAC, Technique2012 says they also find inspiration in the work of poster artist Drew Struzan, Greg “Craola” Simkins, D*Face,  Wasson Photography, Alfred Hitchcock and an endless amount of movies over the years (their favorite is Nightcrawler).

Technique2012 is working toward a third installment of their "31 Souls" project (slated for October next year) and will have a solo show at Northside's Design Collective called Americana Rebranded in August 2022. The semi-annual "31 Souls" is a "public art show for anyone who happens to find each piece in the streets."

Technique2012 has been doing "31 Souls" since 2019 and the second installation spanned 13 neighborhoods and 3 states, per their Instagram. "Every piece has an accompanying story that can be viewed on their respective post through #31soulsart," they share in a post.

A lifelong Cincinnatian, Technique2012 is just part of the vibrant arts fabric of this city. "(I) think we have an amazing collective of local artists and local arts scene," they tell CityBeat.

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*Image descriptions and titles taken from Technique2012's instagram account.


| Photos by Provided by Technique2012