PHOTOS: Kennedy Heights’ Annual SOS ART Show Promotes Peace and Justice


SOS ART, a Cincinnati non-profit, has been committed to promoting peace and justice through all forms of artwork since 2003.

Together with the Kennedy Heights Art Center (KHAC), off Montgomery Road near Kenwood, SOS Art has organized an annual exhibit, hosted by KHAC, for the past 18 years. 

This year, the SOS ART Retrospective is presenting 90 local Cincinnati artists’ work from past year’s exhibits (2016-2020), and it is free to the public.

The show will be running through March 13. Visitors may come without tickets, or they can reserve tickets in advance at the KHAC website.

“The mission of [SOS ART] is to promote, provide opportunities, and encourage all art for peace and justice,” says Saad Ghosn, founder and president of SOS ART. “[We] are local. That is our purpose, to work with the local community, because we really feel that’s where we can make a difference.”

Along with each piece of art is a note about the artist and a personal note from them that explains what motivated them to create it. Some of the artwork is even for sale at the exhibit.

“It’s really wonderful to have these art shows to be catalysts for conversation starters,” says Mallory Feltz, director of exhibitions and public art at KHAC. “It’s to create a dialogue with our community about what issues are going on right now, and how relatable are they to you specifically and your community.”

The exhibit, although mostly indoor, features some outdoor artwork to encourage social distancing and to accommodate people who may be avoiding indoor visits. 

Ghosn also made sure to include the kids who may visit the SOS ART Retrospective. “We really wanted the kids who come to see the show to respond to it,” Ghosn says. “So we created kids activities. [They’re meant] to engage the children to think, if a piece resonates with them, about the message and to do their own work.”

These activities can be found in the booklet available at the exhibit for free. The booklet also has pictures of each piece of art that is showcased in the gallery.

This information is also available online as well as a video from contributing artists explaining their work at the gallery.

Words: Hannah Gwynne


| Photos by Danielle Schuster