Over-the-Rhine’s Main Street is Now Home to Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint. Let’s Take a Tour:


Virginia-based burger and craft beer chain Jack Brown’s started as a dream shared between two longtime friends. About 12 years after Aaron Ludwig and Mike Sabin's plans came to fruition, the brand, which boasts 14 other locations, has made its way to the Queen City.  The restaurant opened its doors on Over-the-Rhine's Main Street in February. 

The eatery's burgers are 100% Wagyu beef, sourced from a family-owned and operated farm in Boise, Idaho.

“Don’t ask for lettuce and tomato, our burgers are prepared simple and basic. Our specials are a creative twist on an American classic,” their menu says.

Creative twists include burgers like the Cobra Kai, topped with cream cheese, pickled jalapenos and jalapeno jelly; or the Elvis, which comes topped with peanut butter, mayo, bacon and American-Cheddar cheese. Under the "burger" category, it appears there are two different grilled cheese options on potato rolls and they have a petite offering of sides like fries, mac and cheese or fried Oreos.  

Aside from their burgers, Jack Brown’s focuses largely on craft beer. The Notch Club rewards members with freebies and swag for trying new beers every time you come in. Become an official of the club by drinking any 100 different beers over the course of your visits to Jack Brown’s Joint. Once you are an official “Notcher,” you get a shirt, your picture on the wall, and access to exclusive Notch Club events and tasting trips. If you are looking to make friends with some fellow beer enthusiasts, start your Notch Club journey by paying a $20 fee and asking for a Notcher list at any Jack Brown’s location.

| Photos by Catie Viox