OTR’s New Boom Box Buns Offers Tasty Late-Night Steamed Buns Through a Walk-Up Window


Calling all bun lovers: A new walk-up window serving up warm, doughy, steamed Chinese buns (or baozi) just opened up in Over-the-Rhine. Boombox Buns currently offers three different bun options; the Pork Bun with hoison peanuts and radish, the Beef Bun with mayo shisho and crispy shallot, and the Veg Bun with sweet potato and Sriracha. In addition to buns, they also have Thai iced tea as a drink option. They are open Friday and Saturday, from 7 p.m. until they're sold out.

Follow their Instagram page for updates: @boomboxbuns

Boombox Buns, 1324 Main St., Over-the-Thine

| Photos by Hailey Bollinger