Ohio Log Cabin Where Baseball Legend Cy Young Was Born Is For Sale


If you love baseball as much as you love log cabins nestled among Ohio’s rolling hills, we’ve got a major home run for you.

Legendary Hall of Fame pitcher and award namesake Cy Young’s boyhood home is up for sale in Port Washington, Ohio, which is about 100 miles east of Columbus and the same distance south of Cleveland.

An old-timey log home befitting of a sturdy Louisville Slugger, the house rests on more than 35 acres of secluded grassland and forest so you can run the bases unfettered. The home has been expanded over the years, but Rebecca L. Terakedis of EXP Realty says that the walls of the original two-room cabin where Young lived still are visible. The home’s plot also includes a barn, guest house, artist’s studio and a pond where ducks and fish surely are warming the bench.

The home is listed at $1,200,000. For comparison, $4,000 was the highest salary for a baseball player in 1890, the year Young entered the majors.

Young was born in Gilmore, Ohio, in 1867 and pitched for teams in Cleveland, St. Louis and Boston. According to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, he won 511 games, more than any other pitcher in history. Young died in 1955 and is buried in Peoli, Ohio.

| Photos by YES-MLS