Northside is Covered in Artfully Medieval ‘ScareCoronas’ to Frighten Off the COVID-19 Virus


The streets of Northside have taken a suggestion from centuries past in order to ward off the coronavirus pandemic.

A neighborhood-wide walking (or driving) art show has emerged, where front porches and yards don artfully Medieval ScareCoronas (aka scarecrows) in order to scare away the rapidly spreading virus. Think of them as a modern take on the old fashioned plague doctor costume.

Organized by Tina Gutierrez and Rene Micheo, the show officially kicked off on May 7 and will continue through at least May 21.

"Using materials and clothing from around the house, construct a silly, scary or whatever you are feeling figure," the Facebook event page reads. "Let's make a walking, driving art show by and for our community, ourselves and others that we can all enjoy while social distancing."

As of now, there are over 40 homes participating in the art show, but it is being updated daily, so check the event page for the most current list.

Here's a few we saw on an evening stroll through the neighborhood.

| Photos by Kellie Coleman