Mazunte Centro Brings a Bit of Mexico City to Downtown Cincinnati


Mazunte Centro, located at 611 Main St., is inspired by the vibrancy of Mexico City, while the flagship taqueria (in a Madisonville strip mall) envelopes Oaxacan culture.

Mazunte Centro still serves the classics — tacos and tostadas, tequila and Topo Chico. But a handful of dishes exclusive to this location were added to the menu, namely tortas and tlayudas (imagine a love child between a Mexican pizza and a giant loaded nacho).

The impressive chicharrón de queso is also new on the Mazunte Centro menu. Literally translated to “cheese cracklings,” it’s a disc of shredded cheese wrapped around a wine bottle and fried. Don’t be alarmed when a foot-tall cheese tube arrives at your table; be amazed.

Out-the-door-tacos for those on their lunch break and lingering evenings sipping tequila are both served with the same warm hospitality. Although folks in Mexico indulge in a leisurely meal and siesta midday and grab street tacos at night, Americans are more accustomed to working through lunch and partying after dark. Mazunte serves Mexico City food on a Cincinnati schedule.

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| Photos by Hailey Bollinger