Inside Ruby’s Chocolates, a Wonderland of Sweet Treats in Oakley


Oakley just got a little bit sweeter with the recent opening of Ruby's Chocolates. After 10 years of crafting made-from-scratch treats in Hamilton, they have expanded their business with a second location off of Oakley Square.

Visitors can enjoy a variety of favorites, including Ruby's signature truffle cakes, which are similar to a cake pop and come in a variety of flavors; "Joy Sticks," which are pretzels enrobed in caramel, chocolate, peanut butter and other toppings; no-bake cookies; chocolate bark; and a new menu item dubbed "Phatty Cakes," which are two petite cakes with a layer of icing in between.

The new shop will offer a different experience from their flagship shop in Hamilton. While their original location focused primarily on production and retail, the Oakley spot offers a more cafe-like atmosphere, where friends can gather, lounge and enjoy their treats.

"We decided on Oakley because it's one of the hot spots in Cincinnati with tons of exciting, cute and hip restaurants and bars," says Ali Sina Danesh, managing director of Ruby's Chocolates, in an email.

For more info and updates about the new shop, follow along on their Facebook page.

Ruby's Chocolates, 3923 Isabella Ave., Oakley.