Inside Rad OTR, a Curated Vintage Shop on Main Street


Since Rad OTR first opened in November 2017, owners and University of Cincinnati grads Billy Luther and Jake Courtney have curated their collection — made up of 1980s and '90s vintage clothing and accessories — to reflect the community they've built.

From Nike sweatshirts and Mickey Mouse tees to Coogi sweaters and Air Jordans and Bart Simpson figurines, they ooze nostalgia. Clothing hangs on thin black piping, which was made by the pair with the help of Courtney’s dad. Courtney’s girlfriend, Lindsay Shroyer, hand-painted the logo mural behind the counter and Courtney himself drew Bart Simpson saying “Welcome to Rad, man” on a small chalkboard in the store. Aside from personal touches, all their items have been carefully picked by the two.

“We’ve seen every single thing in here,” Courtney says. “We are a hand-picked, curated shop.”

Two years into their Over-the-Rhine location, the duo are spearheading new projects: They rolled out a new podcast — titled RADCAST — earlier this year and have hopes to open a second shop in Columbus either this year or the next.

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| Photos by Marlena Toebben