Inside Q102 Radio Host’s East Walnut Hills Home Renovation


Local radio host Tim Timmerman and Cincinnati Children’s Champion program manager Chris Holtman spend their free time flipping Cincinnati houses — including their own.

If you're not familiar with him from his videos Renovation Time with Tim, you may be familiar with Timmerman from morning radio program The Jeff & Jenn Morning Show on Q102, which he co-hosts.

Tim's partner, Chris Holtman, manages Cincinnati Children's Champion Program. Together, the two combined their vision to create a new home in East Walnut Hills, renovating a historic space to add bright, colorful rooms, unique pieces and personal accents. According to Chris, this cottage-style house ​was originally built in the 1920s and is a cozy 1,050 square feet. "Through Digging Cincinnati History, we found out that the original owner worked as a lawyer for Mabley & Carew Department Store, and his daughter was pianist for a dance company and played at Music Hall from time to time," Chris says. ​

We recently chatted with the duo to learn more.


​Tim Timmerman and Chris Holtman​


Tim - ​Radio Host at Q102; Chris - Development at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center​


​East Walnut Hills​

CityBeatTell me a little bit about yourselves: What do you in your free time? Are you both from Cincinnati? What brought you here and made you stay?

Tim Timmerman: Chris is a Cincinnati kid and I'm from Detroit, Michigan, but moved here 11 years ago for work. ​Work and family keep us busy, but in our free time we enjoy adventures around the city and breathing new life into old homes.

CBWhat sparked your interest in home renovation and when did you begin?

​Chris Holtman: We've always been interested in the concept of home renovation and design, but we didn't make the jump into it until 2014 when we purchased an old two-family building on Prospect Hill in downtown Cincinnati. Everything about it was stuck in the '80s, so as soon as we moved in, we started renovation.

CBWhy did you choose this neighborhood to make a home?

TT: ​What's not to love about East Walnut Hills? We really like the vibe of the neighborhood. It's only a short walk to a host of locally owned businesses, including restaurants, a brewery and parks. Plus it's close to everything — downtown, O'Bryonville, Hyde Park/Oakley, East End. ​The neighbors are pretty great, too.

CBWhat are the top three places you sourced your furniture and decor?

​CH: We sourced a lot of really great furniture and decor from vintage shops around town​. They're chock full of unique items that bring character to the house. We purchased a few things from Everything But The House, and with IKEA so close, we did some damage there, too.

CBWhat kind of “look” were you going for in terms of design? Contemporary, industrial, rustic, etc.

CH: ​When it came to designing the space, we just wanted it to feel comfortable and bright with pops of color throughout.​

CBTell me about Renovation Time with Tim. Where can people find the episodes? Do you have any plans for future shows or more renovations?

​TT: We attempted to blog about our first redesign project a few years ago, and while we had the best of intentions, it was tough to follow through while juggling the renovation. We had a lot of family and friends who had asked us about the process — everything from demo to design — so instead of going the traditional blog route, we opted for video this time around. We had a blast — so much so, that we're doing it again! You can catch past and future episodes at

CBWhat is your favorite room in the house and why?

CH: We're split on this one. Tim loves lounging around the house after work, so his favorite is the living room. And while I can't cook to save my life, I really dig the kitchen. It's great for entertaining.

Keep up to date with their current flips by following their Instagram page, @resisttheboring.