Inside Play Library’s New Main Street Storefront in OTR


On June 9, nonprofit Play Library — which loans out and houses toys, board games and more fun — opened the doors to their new space located at 1306 Main St.

As stated on their website, Play is "just like a regular library. But it's totally different. It's pretty much the best place in the world." Orginally launched as a People Liberty's grantee, the library first opened up shop in Findlay Market's Globe gallery space before relocating to 1517 Elm St. in 2017. Their newest Main Street digs are larger to allow room for more fun and games.

The space houses the Cincinnati Toy History Museum, plus games for adults, teens and younger kids alike. The space itself is true to its namesake: toys and board games line shelf after shelf and whimsical doodle-like murals stretched out along the walls. You can sit on swing chairs or curl up on a window bench.

Events will include 21-and-up beer and board game nights for adults and crafting for the kiddos. Drop in on any given day and select a board game from their collection of over 1,000.

For more info about the space and memberships, head on over to Play Library's website. 

| Photos by Holden Mathis