Inside Covington Scratch-Made Brunch Eatery Cedar, Offering Diners a Delicious “One-Hour Vacation”


Imagine a layer of spicy chorizo resting underneath a blanket of sunny-side-up eggs. Beneath those are homemade, steaming breakfast potatoes. Fresh jalapeño compliments the creaminess of the avocado slices and the tang of the house-made pico de gallo.

Admit it — your mouth is watering.

It's ok. Ours is, too.

This made-from-scratch dish is called The Hangover, and it’s one of the most popular dishes at Covington brunch restaurant Cedar. The restaurant opened in July but already has gained a loyal following — so much so that owner Jeremy Faeth is planning to open a second restaurant, Yucca, by Mother's Day.

Cedar has been successful with its mission to take diners on a one-hour vacation through food and experience. The Faeths want guests to unplug, relax and escape while enjoying comfort food and craft cocktails at their restaurants.

Faeth’s approach to food elevates classic dishes through local, made-from-scratch elements, like spreading homemade bacon jam and green olive-garlic aioli on their house Cedar Burger, and serving their sandwiches on bread from Sixteen Bricks, a local artisan bakery. With funky combinations like coconut rum-marinated salmon and spicy candied bacon in cocktails, omelets topped with shrimp and crab cream sauce, or serving macaroni and cheese for breakfast, it’s clear the Faeths are bringing fresh ideas to the table.

See their menu here. 

| Photos by Hailey Bollinger and Francisco Huerta Jr.