Inside Braxton’s First Cincinnati Location — in Pendleton’s Former 3 Points Urban Brewery


Braxton Brewing Co. has taken over the former 3 Points Urban Brewery taproom in Pendleton and transformed it into Braxton Brewing Company Cincinnati.

This expansion marks the Northern Kentucky brewery's first move into Ohio and will allows Hickory Wald — the company that ran 3 Points — to focus on their restaurant, Nation Kitchen & Bar, says a release, which hosted the grand opening of its new Westwood location on Oct. 9.

“We have wanted to put a brewery in Cincinnati for as long as we've been open. But it really had to make sense,” Braxton's CEO Jake Rouse says. “We really didn't want to build a brewery in the middle of a neighborhood that is already anchored by a great brewery. We knew if we really wanted to be in Cincinnati, it had to be an opportunity to take over something that may not have worked, rather than to build brand new.”

The building itself needed very little work done to the infrastructure, since its intended purpose hasn’t really changed; it’s only been handed over to new owners. While it’s going to take a little time before they’re ready to resume the daytime co-working space 3 Points was known for — famous among Pendleton freelancers for its comfort and convenience to shift from coffee to beer after finishing an assignment — that’ll certainly be on Braxton’s agenda to resume once the coronavirus pandemic is under control.

“We fell in love with the location because the neighborhood reminds us a ton of Covington. It's got a great infrastructure and a great density of people living there. We wanted to create an environment that paid homage to Braxton and all the facilities that we have ... we braxtonized it."

The newly braxtonized facility opened on Sept. 12 and was branded for Braxton with the painting of a mural and installation of a living wall (great for photo ops), but that doesn't mean it's a completely hard reset. Patrick Mulrey, head brewer for 3 Points, was retained, so fans of the former tenant's beer needn't worry they've truly lost what once was. We can expect to see some location-specific brews coming out of Braxton's Pendleton location, so be sure to keep an eye on their taps for something new soon.

331 E. 13th St., Pendleton,

| Photos by Hailey Bollinger and Vincent DiFrancesco