Inside Architects of Air’s Alienesque Luminarium ‘Dodecalis’


In 2017, Washington Park played host to Architects of Air's “Katena,” an inflated, palace-like “luminarium” that glowed in vivid color. As BLINK’s only ticketed event (it cost $5), it also proved to be one of the most popular.

Architects of Air returns to BLINK, this time for the world premiere of the new luminarium “Dodecalis.” Like its predecessor, Architects of Air writes on its website that “Dodecalis” is inspired by “natural forms, geometric solids (and) Islamic and Gothic architecture.”

Outside, its whimsical frame and rounded peaks strike wonder. Inside, alienesque designs unfold in cavernous alcoves. There are no bright, flashing lights, but instead a soft, saturated glow and a contemplative soundscape. With each turn, another room is revealed.

Though you could likely spend hours in the calming space, Organizers say that visitors should spend about 20 minutes in "Dodecalis" so that everyone in line — if it's anything like "Katena," long lines are a given — can experience its wonder.

(Admission is $10; $5 for kids under 10 and free for those 2 and under.)

| Photos by Mackenzie Manley