Greater Cincinnati’s 10 Most Expensive Homes on the Market Right Now


Want to experience the thrill of watching the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous without the narration from Robin Leach? Do you idolize the opulence of Joan Collins? Or perhaps you wish to cover yourself in caviar and pearls and swan around in a gold lamé turban? If so, this collection of extravagant homes will have you pouring Cristal in your jacuzzi tub while debating which $88,000 Cardi B-style purse to buy.

While we aren't sure who exactly has a couple million to toss at some local real estate — certainly not us — it's always fun to peep inside other people's houses, especially when it looks like a Kardashian Kompound.

Descriptions taken from listing info. Reach out to individual listing agents if you actually do have multiple millions of dollars with which you want to buy one of these homes. 

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