Everyone We Saw at Smoke & Queer’s Burlesque Show at Northside’s Urban Artifact


Burlesque troupe Smoke & Queers slipped on their PJs and brought a kick-ass slumber party to Northside's Urban Artifact.

Spearheaded by Clarity Amrein and Christina Coobatis, the group came on the scene over a year ago with the mission to "help connect and unify the LGBTQ+ community in Cincinnati (and beyond) and to create a space where those outside of the typical standard of beauty can come to feel sexy, celebrated and empowered."

Being made up of amateur performers, no dance experience is required for those interested in participating. Since the group's debut show at Mixwells in Northside — which reportedly saw a crowd of 250 — in April 2019, their ranks have grown to include two new leaders, Ruby Bachemin and Jace Rubino, and over 20 rotating cast members.

Performance-wise, the troupe boasts a bit of everything, be it traditional cabaret/burlesque, experimental drag and performance art or acrobatics. Though their shows pop-up at venues across the Queen City, Smoke & Queers works to, according to their own description, provide a space for "all the weird and wild expressions of gender, identity and sexuality."

For future show dates — keep your eyes peeled for a one-year anniversary show in April — follow the troupe's Instagram @smokeandqueerscincy.

| Photos by Emily Palm