Escape the Cicadas: Buy Your Own Tiny Town in Florida for $450,000


Has the Brood X Cicada invasion got you buzzing to move? Has a year of COVID isolation made you want to escape to your own private world? Do you like humidity?

Well, you're in luck, because St. Petersburg, Florida-based artist Dan Painter is selling his locally iconic "Tiny Town."

Located at 2520 Emerson Ave. S in the Warehouse District, "Tiny Town" was first built in 2014, and has been through many iterations over the years. Currently the half-acre village resembles a beachy Florida town, complete with miniature structures that resemble a seafood restaurant, a barber shop, pool, a drive-in theater, a motel, a trailer park, and more.

The space is utilized as a functioning art studio and venue, a popular stop in the area's bustling arts scene. The space has also hosted over 300 bands, a listing for the property says. 

Painter told the Tampa Bay Times, which first broke the news of the sale, that he's ready to move on to other projects. “I’m going to get a used car and a used dog and I’m just going to hit the road,” said Painter to the Times. “I’ve given away mostly everything. Ultimately, wherever I land, all I need is water nearby, whether it’s a river or an ocean.”

Tiny Town is currently asking $450,000, and the listing agents are Gina Foti and Torrie Jasuwan of Luxe Properties International.

| Photos by Panda Photo Stu via Property Shoppers