Eat Chic for Cheap at these 25 Cincinnati Fine Dining Restaurants


Yes, it’s true: You can dine at any one of Cincinnati’s most expensive restaurants and manage to enjoy a meal without totally busting your budget. Relish in the pleasures of fine dining all without sacrificing your entire paycheck.

In this informal survey of menu bargains, we’re revisiting the results of CityBeat’s original “Chic on the Cheap” story, first published 15 years ago. And the city’s restaurant scene has changed a lot since then. Gone are the late and lamented Maisonette and La Normandie, along with other dearly departed eateries such as Jean-Robert at Pigall’s, Barresi’s, The Celestial, Mike Fink, Mt. Adams Fish House, Beluga, Michael G’s, Daveed’s at 934 and Jimmy D’s. 

Newer high-end eateries have all arrived to take their place. Here’s a comparison guide to the city’s top 25 dining spots (as ranked by the most expensive regular nightly dinner meal on their menus) along with tips on an alternative bargain dish that price-conscious consumers can expect to find at each location.