Controversial Tattoo Artist Kat Von D Buys Vevay, Indiana’s Historic Schenck Mansion


Celebrity tattoo artist, reality-television star and make-up and shoe brand entrepreneur, Kat Von D is a familiar name to many.

And her rise to fame has brought attention to multiple controversial issues surrounding the star, including her 2018 stance on vaccinations (aka that she wouldn't vaccinate her child) and claims she is a Neo-Nazi/anti-semite (which she denies).

The West Coast artist and her family will soon be making their way to the Midwest so they can "plant roots in a small town where there is nature, where (their) son can be free to play and where (they) can eventually retire someday," Von D wrote in an Instagram story post on Dec. 17.

Kat Von D purchased Vevay, Indiana's historic Schenck Mansion, an over 10,000-square-foot house built in 1874, boasting seven bedrooms and more than six bathrooms, perched on nearly 7-acres of Indiana land.

According to her Instagram page, Von D and her family visited the home in mid-November, and posed in front of the house with a "sold" sign on Dec. 17 with caption: "It’s official! Vevay, Indiana here we come!❤️??."

In the aforementioned Instagram story, Von D addresses concerns from friends and fans and explained their reasoning behind the purchase. "(We are) definitely not ever selling our home in LA, but with all that has been taking place in California, with terrible policies, tyrannical government overreach, ridiculous taxing, amongst so much more complication."

She also covers concerns regarding closing her shop in the post. "So, no, I'm not closing my shop in LA. We aren't selling our home. But we will eventually be spending more time in beautiful Indiana once I finish doing some remodeling on our new historic house."

The house was listed for sale on in March for $1,874,000.