Cincinnati’s 25 Hottest Restaurants Right Now According to Yelp


Yelp, everyone's favorite crowd-sourced ratings aggregate site, is an easy go-to when deciding where to dine. Is it new? Does it have a good Yelp review? People tend to trust their peers to give honest (and sometimes highly entertaining) feedback about local eateries.

That being said, these are the top 25 best restaurants in Cincinnati according to Yelp — literally at the second this was published. Because Yelp is a pretty, pretty popular site and people are constantly reviewing and adding stars, etc., this list is constantly in flux. The No. 1 restaurant position will change, sometimes daily, and several eateries will jockey for position in and out of that top 25.

But regardless of the rank, these are some of the public's favorite places to dine in the Queen City. And we've captured some of their reviews to tell you why.

(Also, you can Google "top 10 best Cincinnati restaurants Yelp" to get the most current list at any point in time.)