38 Cincinnati Brunch Spots You Should Try ASAP


These days, the phrase “Let’s get brunch” is basically a euphemism for “Let’s get drunk before noon.” People be lovin' brunch, amiright? It’s a Bacchanalian breakfast celebration that doubles as an excuse to mainline mimosas and stuff bacon into foods where it does not belong.

The brunch zeitgeist of the new millennium is real. There are mood boards dedicated to what to wear to brunch, restaurants with strictly brunch menus, brunch-only Instagram feeds (@bitcheswhobrunch, @brunchboys) and we have an entire event devoted to it (Brunched: June 22 @ The Phoenix).

Why do Americans love a meal that doubles as breakfast and lunch and oftentimes basically turns into an ongoing commitment to day drinking? Is it part of the self-care indulgence movement? A genius marketing campaign by egg companies or the avocado illuminati? Whatever the reason, our country is literally obsessed with brunch, so we present you with this list of brunchin' options from across the Queen City. Whether you want to get sloppy drunk in your atheleisurewear, have a fancy family outing, or you're a foodie just looking for something new, we’ve got you covered.