Can You Tackle These Gut-Busting Greater Cincinnati Food Challenges?


So you love food. Like, you really love food. The thought of trying something new entices your foodie cravings and warrants constant ventures to new and eclectic restaurants. But how far does your fascination with food really extend?

A host of local eateries pose a question to the city’s most adventurous diners: Can you consume a humorously large dish in an insanely short amount of time? These (frankly foreboding) food challenges are worthy of only the most voracious patrons — think 7-pound pizzas, 11-patty burgers and an 8-pound plate of chili. If you succeed, you’ll get your enormous dish for free and a coveted spot on that restaurant’s Hall of Fame (and maybe even a T-shirt!). But if you fail, expect too many leftovers to fit in your fridge, a high probability of some embarrassing pictures on social media and what’s likely to be the worst stomach ache you’ve ever encountered.

Brave eaters, read on (and maybe stock up on some antacids): These local restaurants are calling your name. Ask your server for specific rules and make sure to call 24-48 hours in advance so staff has time to prepare.

| Photos by Hailey Bollinger