All The Photos From Warren County’s Annual Ohio Sauerkraut Festival This Weekend


Nothing says fun like fermentation!

Just a short drive away from Cincinnati is Waynesville, Ohio, home to the 51st-annual Ohio Sauerkraut Festival: an entire weekend devoted to everyone's favorite German cabbage.

Started in 1970, the first fest served 528 pounds of sauerkraut to about 1,500 guests. Today, guests — of which there are approximately 350,000 — eat about 11,000 pounds of sauerkraut over the weekend.

And how can they ingest so much 'kraut, you ask?

Well, more than 30 different food booths are offering creative takes on the dish, ranging from sauerkraut-topped bratts and reubens to sauerkraut brownies and the fan-favorite "German sundae," potatoes topped with cheese, bacon, sour cream, sauerkraut and a green olive.

10/10/2021 | Photos by Adam Doty