All the Hoppy Bois We Saw at the Cincinnati Zoo’s New Interactive Roo Valley Walkabout


The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden's highly anticipated Roo Valley opened to the public on Aug. 18.

The interactive experience allows about 50 to 60 visitors at a time to enter an enclosed kangaroo walkabout — a 15,000-square-foot green space where roos roam as you wander by.

There are currently seven kangaroos in the habitat, four grey and three red and they are all males (to prevent any competition over females). The zoo says the three red kangaroos are named after boxers: Ezzard, Evander and Frazier. And, it's worth noting, Pocket the wallaby and his mom are not in Roo Valley; they are part of a separate animal ambassador program.

Zoo handlers said the kangaroos are all roughly two years old and younger and the red kangaroos can grow up to 6 feet tall.

Not only does this tiny land down under (it is actually technically down under — located where the Wildlife Canyon used to be and now below the new Hops Beer Garden) feature adorable marsupials, it is also home to a bunch of little blue penguins. These birds, native to Australia and New Zealand are nicknamed "fairy penguins" because they are so tiny and cute.

“It feels like you’ve entered another world when you’re in the walkabout,” said Cincinnati Zoo director Thane Maynard in a release. “It’s lush and beautiful with kangaroos right next to you! And right around the corner you get face to face with 30+ penguins splashing around in crystal clear water.”

Roo Valley features 100% rainwater, says the zoo, as well as a green roof over the penguins and a geothermal well system to heat and cool the pools and reduce energy usage.

The Cincinnati Zoo is located at 3400 Vine St., Avondale. Get more details on how to become a member, as well as timed tickets and other COVID safety precautions at