All the Food You Can Try During Cincinnati’s Inaugural Asian Food Week This November


While this year's super popular Asian Food Fest was moved from its traditional May date to August, and then canceled until 2021, fans will have a similar-yet-novel dining experience to look forward to this November.

The Asian American Cultural Association of Cincinnati — the group that produces both the Asian Food Fest and Lunar New Year party — are hosting the inaugural Asian Food Week from Nov. 2-8.

"After Asian Food Fest was cancelled due to COVID-19, the nonprofit quickly adapted to find a different way to celebrate Greater Cincinnati’s robust and growing Asian food culture," reads a release from the Asian American Cultural Association of Cincinnati. "Asian-owned restaurants have been especially impacted by misinformation related to COVID-19, which increased the nonprofit’s urgency to create a campaign to support Asian restaurants."

More than 20 eateries from across Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are participating and offering either a special $20 prix fixe, three-course meal or a secret menu item. "The secret menu special is a nod to the unlisted menu often found at many Asian restaurants in America that include traditional dishes that may not conform to mainstream American tastes," says the release.

As Asia encompasses an extensive collection of cuisines, so too will Asian Food Week with offerings from Vietnamese, Hawaiian, Indian, Chinese restaurants and more.

For example, Hi-Mark in the East End is offering a Bo Kho chili mac as their "secret" menu item, while Kiki College Hill is making Yurinchi chicken for theirs. Thai Express in Clifton is offering a three-course option for $20 with vegetable gyoza, lemongrass stir fry (your choice of protein) and Thai custard.

For more info, visit the event website.