All The Beautiful Butterflies We Saw at Krohn Conservatory’s ‘Butterflies of Ecuador’


The Krohn Conservatory welcomes back its annual butterfly show: The Butterflies of Ecuador will be on display through June 16.

If you’re familiar with the delight of spotting a single butterfly out in nature, prepare to experience the marvel of being surrounded by no less than 12,000 of these exotic, winged beauties in every color of the rainbow.

This year, the popular extravaganza will celebrate the biological diversity of Ecuador, which is home to around 4,000 different butterfly species. Drawing inspiration from the butterflies’ South American country of origin, the exhibit is curated for visitors to get familiar with Ecuador’s “four worlds in one," from its coastal beaches and Andes mountains to the Galapagos Islands and the rainforests of the Amazon. (As an ode the llamas that roam freely through the Andes, you might spy a cut-out of one of these large furry creatures hiding in the foliage along with the butterflies.)

Arrive with your cameras, your sense of wonder and brightly-colored shirt. If you’re lucky (and stand very, very still) one of these dazzling insects might just find you to be a suitable place to rest for a moment or two.

Through June 16. $10 adults; $7 youth 5-17; free children 4 and under. Krohn Conservatory, 1501 Eden Park Drive, Mount Adams,

| Photos by Paige Deglow