A Whole Bunch of Photos of Cincinnati Zoo Babies Looking Real Dang Cute


It's spring, which means Zoo Babies are back at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. But, as you know, the zoo is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus. So while you can't admire their cuteness in person, you can venture into a cozy internet hole of adorableness through this slideshow of photos provided by the zoo.

You can also look forward to Facebook Live Home Safaris where you will get up close and personal with Lucille the bearcat, Adana the bongo, Theo and Fenn the giraffes, Cruncher the American alligator, Kris the cheetah and, of course, the not-so-baby-but-will-always-be-our-baby Fiona the hippo.

“It’s a shame that visitors can’t come to the Zoo to see these adorable baby faces,” said Cincinnati Zoo director Thane Maynard in a press release.  “We will do our best, however, to bring the babies to them."

Visit cincinnatizoo.com for more info and ways you can experience the annual Zoo Babies.

| Photos by Provided by the Cincinnati Zoo