A Sneak Peek of Mon Petit Choux, a Patisserie and Lunch Bistro Opening on Court Street Downtown


The owner of Cheviot’s Maribelle Cakery is breaking out of her cake mold to bring French pastries to downtown’s Central Business District. Nine years after buying Maribelle from the original owners, Angela Grillo is branching out with her new venture, Mon Petit Choux, which is set to open in the next couple months on Court Street.

While Maribelle serves special-event cake needs, Grillo was missing a storefront; the bakery’s kitchen sits on a one-way street in Cheviot that doesn’t get much foot traffic.  “It’s a great spot for private tastings; it’s not great for walk-ins,” Grillo says.

So she kept her eyes peeled for the right space where her dream pastry shop could live.

Maribelle will remain in Cheviot, piping frosting and layering cakes, but Grillo’s new venture, Mon Petit Choux, seeks to serve a different need in the community.

“The ultimate goal for this location is to be a high-quality pastry shop,” she says. “I don’t want it to be super expensive, and I don’t want to carry stuff that you would see at a normal bakery.”

While this shop is heavily inspired by French cafés, Grillo still plans to serve the American classics, so brownie lovers can rest easy.

Mon Petit Choux’s new home will be in a light, airy space on Court Street downtown. The shop will focus primarily on pastries and leave the birthday cakes to Maribelle. Expect classic French delicacies including, but not limited to: fruit tarts, eclairs, macaron towers, croquembouche and cream puffs, the shop’s purposely misspelled namesake.

“Mon petit chou” is a French term of endearment, literally translating to “my little cabbage.” Court Street’s future pastry shop is a play on words, replacing “chou” with “choux,” from pâte à choux, the pastry dough used to make cream puffs.

But the plan for Mon Petit Choux isn’t just to serve passersby looking for a treat. There will be a lunch menu for those who want midday sustenance and espresso from Deeper Roots Coffee for those looking to break through that 2:30 p.m. fog. Eventually, Grillo wants to open the space up for elaborate events.

Mon Petit Choux, 24A W. Court St., Downtown, facebook.com/monpetitchouxus.

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