40 Cincinnati Boutiques for Shopping Local This Holiday Season


An easy way to make sure you can find something meaningful to give your loved ones this year is to skip the big-box stores and focus on local.

Shopping local this year will have a direct impact on independent stores and the Queen City economy — you can make a difference just by wielding your purchasing power. The U.S Small Business Administration says that for every $100 you spend at an independent business, $48 of that is recirculated back into the local economy. Whereas if you spend $100 at a national retailer, only $14 stays local. 

So here is a list of Greater Cincinnati shops. It is not comprehensive. There are many, many more local boutiques than are listed here. Please view this as a starting point — a bit of inspiration — to explore and acknowledge the breadth of what our friends, neighbors and local shopkeepers have to offer before you hit the "buy now" button on Amazon.