36 Staff-Selected Cincinnati Brunch Destinations to Try This Weekend


These days, the phrase “Let’s get brunch” is basically a euphemism for “Let’s get drunk before noon.” It’s a Bacchanalian breakfast celebration that doubles as an excuse to mainline mimosas and stuff bacon into foods where it does not belong.

Why do Americans love a meal that doubles as breakfast and lunch and basically turns into an ongoing commitment to day drinking? Is it part of the self-care movement? A genius marketing campaign by egg companies or the avocado illuminati? A ploy to get people to repeatedly use the word “benedict?”

Whatever the reason, our country is literally obsessed with brunch (CityBeat even has an entire event devoted to it: Brunched, June 22 at The Phoenix). And in this issue CityBeatdining writers have made a list of their favorite places to drink and dine on the weekends for all types of moods. Whether you want to get cocktails in your fashion sweatpants, have a cozy family outing or dip into some dim sum, we’ve got you covered.

*Common sense note: Please check brunch times with the restaurant before you go; menu items are subject to change

Plus the Best of Cincinnati Top 10 (as selected by CityBeat Readers)

Best Brunch

1. Taste of Belgium

2. First Watch

3. Sleepy Bee Café

4. Maplewood Kitchen and Bar

5. Orchids at Palm Court

6. Grand Finale

7. The Greyhound Tavern

8. Hang Over Easy

9. Cozy’s Café & Pub

10. Nation Kitchen and Bar

Best Breakfast

1. Sleepy Bee Café

2. First Watch

3. Taste of Belgium

4. Maplewood Kitchen and Bar

5. Sugar n’ Spice Restaurant

6. Hang Over Easy

7. The Echo Restaurant

8. The Main Cup

9. The Original Pancake House

10. Wild Eggs