36 Deliciously New (and Newish) Cincinnati Restaurants to Eat at Right Now


Hello. Are you hungry? You probably will be at some point today or in the near future (unless you’re a robot). And when you’re ready to eat, you may need a restaurant recommendation. That’s where we come in.

This year, CityBeat’s handy annual Dining Guide is a collection of some of the best places to eat in Cincinnati — as decided on by readers in our annual Best Of Cincinnati issue — plus assorted other listings from this past year’s dining reviews and features. In 2019, more than half a million votes were tallied to determine our reader picks in a slew of categories. But as this is the Dining Guide, we’re focusing on winners in the Eats section — aka places where you can eat. This slideshow includes some recent restaurant additions plus the top 10 best new restaurant reader picks from the 2019 BOC.

Note: This is obviously not a list of every restaurant in Cincinnati. But it is certainly an excellent starting point in any conversation that begins with “Where should we eat?” that would otherwise end in a) tears b) loud arguments c) starvation. So close your eyes, point your finger at a random dining destination and get ready to bon voyage to bon appétit.