30 Cincinnati Restaurants Offering Excellent Vegetarian Dishes


Eating a vegetarian diet is becoming more popular among human beings, even if it's just adding a "Meat-Free Monday" to your weekly dinner rotation.

Whether it's for your own health, the health of the planet or for the health of animals — or part of your Lenten fast — the idea that meatless dishes are boring is being tossed out the window at the same time as major fast food chains are adding vegetarian substitutions to their menus.

Being a vegetarian doesn't have to be limiting and these Greater Cincinnati restaurants are proving the point.

Are these the city's only vegetarian options? No. Obviously not. Are they a great alternative when your friends/family are sick of you trying to make them eat Indian for the second time in a week and you cannot handle another slice of pizza, bowl of pasta topped with some kind of weird vegetable medley and cream sauce or a baked potato and salad combo? Yes.

All of these eateries offer something beyond a carb-and-cheese dish for vegetarians. While some are more health-focused "rabbit food"-type destinations and some have vegan goetta, each has a menu to appeal to those who forgo dining on flesh... and their omnivore friends.

Compiled by CityBeat's resident expert vegetarian (aka our editor in chief who hasn't eaten meat — except that one time by accident when she was drunk at a wedding — for 15 years).