101 Things Every Cincinnatian Should Do Before They Die


People like lists: To do lists. Grocery lists. Top 10 lists. Lists make things easy to organize, easy to digest and easy to read. And while we won’t call this a “bucket list” — because that seems slightly morbid and we want you to accomplish more with your life than just eating smiley face cookies — we will call it a “should list.” Or maybe a “fun list”? What’s less aggressive than a bucket list? A “cup list”?

True, we may have called it a LIST OF THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE in the headline, but it’s more like a list of things to do if you’re bored on the weekend and/or want to prove you’re a true Cincinnatian (outside of the fact that everyone knows instead of blood, our veins run brown with liquid chili).

So here are 101 things every Queen City resident should do for entertainment, curiosity, civic pride, culinary advancement, etc.