101 Cincinnati Things We Can (Hopefully) Look Forward to Enjoying in 2021


It's been a tough year — there's no denying it. A ravaging pandemic and international social unrest opened a lot of eyes, and weighed heavily on our hearts and minds.

And as we make our way into 2021, we will bring with us heaps of hope and positive affirmations for a year of health, growth and experiencing all the things we love about our Queen City.

Not only do we all need (and deserve) some things to look forward to, this collection also serves the list-lovers in life.

So in the spirit of dreaming and systematic ASMR, here are 101 things to do — quintessential classics, outdoor adventures, oddball attractions — for those both visiting the Queen City and those who call Cincinnati home, that we can (hopefully) look forward to enjoying in 2021. 

We won’t call this a “bucket list,” because your aspirations should extend beyond eating late-night chili, or a “must do list,” because nothing will happen to you if you don’t complete all 101. It’s more like a “fun list” — dozens of inspired insider prompts to help you explore the city and celebrate everything this great Midwestern metropolis has to offer (or at least 101 parts of it). 

This hefty list does not contain any current coronavirus updates to the write-ups , but some events and locations may be impacted by changing health and safety guidelines, capacity limits, required tickets or reservations, cancellations, etc. It’s always a good idea to check websites or call to confirm details before you show up anywhere in case information has changed.

So, armed with a slew of indoor, outdoor and year-round ideas for every vibe — and every age group — this curated collection is for those ready to conquer the Queen City. (Or, again, at least 101 parts of it*.)

*There are obviously more than 101 things to do in Greater Cincinnati.